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Sustainability is on the agenda for operators of multi-tenant buildings in a way that we have never seen before.

This is not just driven by a desire to decrease costs in the context of escalating utility tariffs. It also reflects the increasing priority investors, operators and consumers are placing on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues on the path to net zero.

The specification of Utopi multi-sensors and sub metering into multi-tenant buildings, over an intelligent network from ASK4, unlocks significant benefits and opportunities for stakeholders looking to transform their ESG performance. However, as with all innovative smart building technology, understanding the costs and return on investment are key metrics for financial decision makers.

Calculating ROI
Our ROI calculator makes it quick and easy for you to assess the potential impact of Utopi ESG Technology on one building or an entire portfolio.

Through adding a number of key data points specific to your building, you will be able to generate an estimate of costs and ROI in a single view. The example below shows the payback period for the capital and annual costs of installing multi sensors and smart metering into a 500 bed student housing site.  

The payback periods factor in cumulative year-on-year savings on electricity consumption only. Payback periods will reduce once you factor in the multiple other benefits of this technology, including operational efficiencies, time saved through automated ESG reporting and improved resident retention.

“Harrison Street has been integrating ESG strategies into its business, culture and investments since 2013. We strive to implement pioneering technologies to deliver measurable positive impact for our stakeholders and our environment, and we are proud to be amongst the earliest adopters of Utopi’s groundbreaking approach to sustainability.”

Paul Bashir, CEO, Harrison Street, Europe

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If you would like to assess the scale of the opportunity for your buildings, be they student housing, build to rent or later living developments, please get in touch to request a calculator demo.